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Conference Review: Wharton Web Conference 2014

Posted in Photography, and Technology

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  1. Erika

    I've never really been to a conference like this, so it was super interesting to read your take on it and get a peek inside to some of what's offered! That first talk sounds inspiring! And as someone who has "input" as one of my strengths, I definitely need to get better at sharing links. I collect so much but don't share — but I know I love the power of a good link just as a reader! As for the gaming one, I thought that was interesting — I think people love games, challenges, and most of all: feeling like they are progressing towards a bigger goal. Gaming even within businesses and consumer structures is really smart to tap into that! And sorry about that last lady's speech… but like you said, at least it gave you a greater appreciation for how you learn and that the other speakers were able to be clearer and more engaging. I think I sometimes take excellent public speaking for granted, but it actually is very difficult to do and a beautiful skill. Thanks for sharing, Tatiana!

    July 24, 2014

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