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The Feeling Of Being Friendless

Posted in Technology

(Featured image via Juliana Coutinho, Flickr) Even though I feel fairly certain that this is a topic that’s been beaten to death, especially with the proclivity of many social media platforms like Twitter or Tumblr,…

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Mini Conference Review: Future of Web Design

Posted in Technology

I took all these photos. Please ask for permission before re-using! Thanks.  The header image is of Rachel Nabors and Val Head after Rachel’s talk on Animation! (I storified my tweets and images so you…

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5 Instagrammers I Love: Lifestyle Photography

Posted in Photography

(Featured Image Credit: Garry Knight) I spend a ton of time on Instagram.  It’s at the point where as soon as I wake up, I click to Instagram to see what’s been posted recently. Awhile…

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Recap: Locust Moon Comics Festival

Posted in Comics

About two weekends ago, Locust Moon held its third annual comics festival. And while I didn’t attend last year, I did go the first year and absolutely loved it. Although much smaller then, the festival seemed…

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